is typically during the pre-dawn hours when the night sky is dark and the meteor shower is at its peak. Check your local astronomy forecasts for the specific timing of the meteor shower you are hoping to see. 

Flight Path

The best time to see meteors 


Which direction on the sky should I look tonight to see the meteor shower?

Look high in the southwestern sky tonight and you’ll see a 72%-lit waxing gibbous moon alongside reddish Mars. Slightly to its side will be the sparkling open cluster of stars called the Pleiades or “Seven Sisters.” However, if you live in some southern US states or central America then you will also see the weird sight of the moon occulting the red planet, though only its disappearance—it will reappear only for those in the Pacific region.

"Green Comet" Makes Closest Approach to Earth Alongside "Snow Moon" by Mars 

Tonight's Night Sky

Interesting week for sky events in 2023

- Comet C/2022 E3 (ZTF) may become visible to the naked eye - Mars will be occulted by a full moon  - Mercury visible in predawn sky