Cancer is a complex issue that has been widely researched and discussed by medical professionals and scientists. However, despite all the advances in technology and medicine, there is still much that is unknown about the disease. In order to truly understand cancer, it is important to approach it from a holistic viewpoint. This means considering not only the external factors that may contribute to its development, but also the internal mechanisms at play within our own bodies.

According to yoga, cancer is not seen as a single disease, but rather a manifestation of an imbalance in the energy body, or pranamaya kosha. This energy body is one of five layers of physiology, which includes the food body (annamaya kosha) and the mental body (manomaya kosha). By focusing on balancing the energy body, yoga aims to prevent and treat the physical and mental health issues that may arise as a result of disruptions in this layer.

The yogic perspective recognizes that everyone has cancer cells in their bodies, but it is only when these cells become organized and multiply that they become a serious problem. This is due to disruptions in the energy body caused by factors such as lifestyle, diet, and attitude. For example, smoking has been linked to constricted breathing patterns, which can reduce energy levels in certain areas of the body and make them more attractive to cancer cells.

In order to effectively manage your health and prevent the development of cancer, it is important to focus on learning about your own body and cultivating a deeper understanding of your own system. By tuning into your body’s signals and being mindful of the factors that can disrupt your energy body, you can better prevent and manage any health issues that may arise.

The approach to cancer must be holistic, taking into account not just external factors but also the internal workings of our own bodies. By focusing on balancing the energy body and developing a deeper understanding of our own system, we can better manage our health and prevent the development of cancer. Yoga offers valuable insights into this perspective and serves as a valuable tool in this journey towards optimal health and well-being.

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